Nicole's Story

Nicole was born in the little hippy town of Ojai, CA. Her parents, both animators, were creative, free spirits that influenced Nicole’s development early on. One of her earliest memories was as a three-year-old, watching her father shoot fireworks off the roof of their Tokyo apartment.  She spent a good part of her childhood living in Tokyo with her mom and dad and then later in Paris, France with her mom and grandmother.
Being half Japanese, Nicole’s deep sense of heritage came from her grandparents. Her great-grandfather opened the first Bonsai nursery in California and her grandfather was a World War II Japanese-American soldier in the army.  Grandfather Iwao had a passion for photography and creating jewelry, both of which he passed on to his granddaughter.
Nicole Sakura provides beautiful, unique, handcrafted jewelry. As a world traveler and outdoor enthusiast, Nicole uses the places and things she's seen along her travels for inspiration to create eye-catching designs that can be worn everyday. Everyone, man or woman, has experienced the disappointment of poor quality craftsmanship. With Nicole Sakura Designs, we aim to create jewelry that is made to hold up to everyday wear-and-tear. Nicole and her associates are active surfers, runners, thru-hikers, climbers and yogis. Like an exquisite gemstone, we expect our products to look beautiful and stand the test of time.
Nicole and her husband currently live in Encinitas, California where they enjoy surfing, rock climbing, hiking and running.